In order to advance in any field in life, you have to advance in every field.

Hi, I’m the guy behind this blog! Call me progretarian.

I love reading a lot and applying that new found knowledge in the real world. I believe in dualism, urgency, paleo foods and openmindedness. I listen to audiobooks constantly, don’t drink alcohol and go to the gym 6 days a week.

I believe we’re at the beginning of a century that will demand a drastic rethinking of current social models of interaction and living.

I started this blog in 2013 with some burning questions:

  • How come some people thrive in our economy/world and are able to adapt, whereas others seem to struggle?
  • How come, some people waste time and ressources, while others keep producing and giving?
  • How come, the rules we are taught in school, church and by our parents don’t reflect what’s really going on?
  • How come, people think in mindsets still designed to respond to challenges of the last 2 centuries?

I don’t consider myself an original thinker or thought leader, but I’m convinced that my vast variety in reading topics allows me to draw conclusions at overlaps and expose patterns that aren’t obvious at first sight. Whether you want to lose weight, become rich or just calmer, get you’re dating life in check or just want to walk through the world with open eyes, there are certain mindsets involved that underlie all processes of progress. Those deeper, universal mindsets influence each other and don’t function properly in isolated terms. This blog is about those mindsets and their interdependencies.

It’s about balanced, universal principles to increase satisfaction and resilience towards the temptations of the 21st century. Ultimately I want to ignite a fire in you, that compels you to become your best self possible, which then makes you go out into the world and inspire others to become their best selves possible.

Most ideas on here are only possible because of the giants they are based upon. Credit is usually given throughout each posts via links.

If you have a passion for unorthodox ideas and living the best life one can imagine in a complex, fast-paced world, this blog is for you.

I usually publish once or twice a week. I’m grateful for comments and feedback and love to interact with you.

Thanks for checking this out.


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