There is no denser concentration of…

…desperate energy in the whole universe than a western woman without kids and without husband on her 40th birthday.

Read this article. Then come back.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the protagonist Rinaldi HAS a husband although I said otherwise above. But: a husband is usually considered a perfect hybrid of lover and provider (aka the primal female dilemma) – only then he is suitable and keeps her in check. The guy she married though is merely a provider (let alone a lover) and favors fleeing into infertility over being closer bound to her by law, religion and society through having a child together. His impotence then makes him cry a lot, which he blames onto her in order to not take responsibility and he accepts a whole bunch of other weird shit from her, but that’s his own beta misery and not the focus of this post.


Female biology is more friendly than male biology in terms of hinting towards a life’s journey. The girl becomes a woman with her first period and she turns officially old (biologically exempt) with entering menopause. Inbetween those stages you have varying, overblending degrees of becoming fertile, being fertile, peak fertility, still being fertile, still being a little fertile and not being fertile anymore. This goes along with her physical appearance and basically guides her thinking and the motivations beneath. Thus aware RedPill thinkers like Rollo Tomassi are able to identify specific episodes of such a female-biological journey and emphasize the psychological motivations behind them: Hypergamy, the Wall, etc.

For a man such a biological structure to his progression in life isn’t that obviously provided by nature. No boy is considered a man because of his first ejaculation. And although male fertility decreases with age, it doesn’t come to a full halt way before death. Thereby man’s prime value is “behavioralistic”, found in his behavior, not in his biology. (“Being judged by behavior” is the most important idea a man can internalize in order to live a satisfying life in alliance with his genes – honor, pride, success, competition, recognition, fame, … are all ideas floating in the male cosmos, that stem from this single understanding)

Nature doesn’t lie and a concept such as the “rationalization hamster” is just a psychological coping strategy of not having to face biological truths in a world that promotes disney-esque “you can have it all” scripts to its female population.

Another concept that isn’t often talked about in detail, but beautifully exemplified in the above article and the non-fiction (!) book it discusses is: happiness through cock carousel.

If “The Wall” is the psychological model that governs females behavior in their 30s, then “happiness through cock carousel” is the psychological model that governs females behavior in their 40s.

The less quality eggs are in the basket, the less there is put value on protecting (=maintaining exclusive quality entry) that basket.

Combine that with a consumer/media driven society that puts its sole focus on appearances instead of effort/achievement and you have a profound picture of women above 40, who racked up a number of wrong decisions a decade earlier.

There is no denser concentration of…

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    1. Awesome, man! This whole blog thing turned into a public stream of thought for me, where i can just dump ideas into the cloud. I really appreciate people enjoying it…

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