The Key To Getting What You Want

Around 2:15 Kyle Maynard says this:

“My dad said that the world was not gonna be tailored for my every need. So, that’s why he knew that I had to go and find a way to go and do it on my own.”


Watch the video. Then come back to this post.

I stumbled onto this via Tim Ferriss’ blog.

Read that quote above twice.

And then again.

Then think about it.

The fact that this fellow has no arms and legs forced him to realize a deep truth of life.

It’s not tailored to your very needs.

Go find a way and do it regardless.

See, on the inside he’s not different from us. He’s just had a way worse start in life, so it came easier to him to acknowledge his incompleteness.

We live in the Instagram era. People are being trained to not like something for itself, but to show a photo of them liking it, because it enhances their personality and broadcasts desired traits. It’s technology-fueled “shortterm over longterm”-paradigms. It’s media-fueled “saying not being” and “saying not doing”.

In the old days what you did defined you. That changed dramatically because of technology, networks, globalization and social media. Today you can censor the things that define you in the eyes of others, because you’re the director and the publisher now. The gatekeepers are gone and you manage your own media station about you via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. You are your own China. And now we can get away with believing we are what we say to others.

I went for a run yesterday. 6 rounds around a lake close to my place. I lapped 2 girls a few times, not because I was so fast, but because those girls stopped all the time to take selfies of them “appearing” to run and workout, whereas in reality they barely went for a walk and my grandma would have outrun them. Their friends will never know. “Oh, look at Amanda in her Nike Free sneakers at the lake. LIKE.”

This is dangerous to health, happiness and longterm fulfillment, because when you can simply pick a role and start to broadcast it into the world, you no longer have to struggle and overcome. You now CAN tailor the world to your needs. At least in the eyes of other people, which is all that matters in the modern world. That’s why Gary Vaynerchuk says: “Everyone’s a media station now.” He’s right and cutting out the gatekeepers is a good thing, because it allows you to read my words and me to write theses words on a platform that connects us without obeying to the opinions of others.

The only problem is this: mindsets are universal and human beings like homeostasis.

Mindsets are universal means, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. The triggers and impulses to act or not act go deeper than the act itself. It doesn’t matter whether you sit in front of a math test or in front of a naked woman. Your ability to proactively approach something, judge it and in relations to that overcome it is universal. If you’re lazy in your spare-time, you’re very likely lazy during your work-times as well. Things go hand in hand. The car stays the same no matter what road it is on.

Homeostasis is the understanding that your organism likes the status quo. If you were put under ice-cold water, your body would start to shiver as a reaction to the shift in temperature. It tries to maintain the current level it’s at. The status-quo. It’s true for your body and your mind. Unless…unless your body/mind are constantly trained to stay adaptive/fluid and embrace change. They call this neuro-plasticity.

So, what does this mean for our quickly changing world of today?

People only tend to do as much as they can get away with. Homeostasis. Energy-prevention. Status-quo. Bend the world to your needs, not bend your needs to the world.

Right now, we can get away with broadcasting a streamlined, censored persona via social media. Selfies are still tolerated by the world.

But what if intelligent super-computer-heuristics, robots and ultra-hd-cams-4weeks-lithium-battery-drones step on the scene tomorrow and erase all the simple jobs from the map? The cashiers, the pizza boys, the cab drivers, the waiters, the Doug Heffernans?

What do you do with people that don’t fit into the workforce anymore and were hypnotized to believe the world is tailored to their needs?

You let them occupy Wall Street.

What if Google and Uber and Tesla team up tomorrow?

So, the bottom line is this. The world does not cater to your needs, although modern social media tells you it does. You have to go out there and knock on the door a lot, until you figure out a way to open it. You can’t show a picture of you appearing to knock on the door. You don’t have to cut off your arms to realize this. Just stick to what Stephen Covey calls “universal principles” and not to your Facebook profile picture. It’s all I write about. In every post. The former is always true regardless of the environment. It’s sentences like “Begin with the end in mind” or “First try to understand, then to be understood”. Take those as guidelines to a “doing not saying”-approach to life. It helps to stay adaptive. And when a change in the environment occurs, you’re good and you’ll thrive. If you practice the doing instead of saying long enough, doing turns into being. And that’s where the extremely successful people are.

This is the key to getting what you want.

The world is not tailored to your needs. It does not owe you anything. The hungry don’t get fed.

So, don’t take things personal, go out and find a way to do it regardless.

It’s no secret and no magic formula. That’s why I don’t have to wish you luck applying this.

The Key To Getting What You Want