[Quick thought] Challenge forward

In 1948, a 30 year old fellow named Jean-Marie Loret somewhere in France was told by his dieing mother, that his father was Hitler.

The Hitler.


Quite a shocker.

His mother had an affair with an unknown German soldier during World War I in a region where young Hitler was serving his country at the time. It made sense. Somehow. Sort of.

On a superficial level.

So, Loret bought into that thought of his mother and went on a rationalization spree coming up with the wildest narratives how and when Hitler personally influenced Loret’s life and guided him from the shadows. He was supported in that claim by one German historian that took Loret on lectures and tried to make him travel the world. Both made the news everywhere in the late 70s.

Loret then published an autobiography reaffirming the claim, that he is indeed Hitler’s son.

He even went so far and grew the socially outlawed mustache.

In 1985 Loret died. The controversy regarding his father remained unsolved.

Two decades later, in 2008, there finally surfaced some evidence that the fatherhood was unlikely and/or impossible.

Go check out Youtube or Wikpedia for a better explanation of this poor guy’s life and then imagine yourself being in the shoes of Loret.

One single thought fucked up this fella’s life royally.

And I don’t even care, whether that whole conspiracy was true or not. It doesn’t matter.

The point of this post is this:


What is your version of “My father is Hitler”?

What is your overarching belief that is utterly wrong and ridiculous, but to you it feels real like gravity?

I am glad we move into an age of more and more technologization. Despite common belief technology is a blessing. DNA testing could have changed Loret’s life within weeks. But the technology wasn’t around at the time.

What if in the next 100 years technologies will be invented, that could solve YOUR current issues in seconds and do to your own personal dilemma what DNA testing could have done to Loret’s?

Well, it’s funny to think about, but they aren’t around yet.

So, you have to go with what you’ve got.

You have to go with you.

Thoughts are superficial and repetitive. Most of what’s going on inside your head every day was created by arbitrary influences and got dragged along by coincidence. It’s crazy and worth a hundred posts of its own.

For this quick thought today understand that challenging your beliefs is mandatory in the 21st century.

No upbringing is complete. People, although well-intentioned, mess things up. Including you. You were messed up by someone at some point and you messed someone else up somewhere at some point. So when you’re legally an adult, there are still many maps inside your head used to navigate this world, that are inefficient, useless and even harmful.

It is what it is. The 20th century was the last century of its kind that allowed black-and-white-thinkers to thrive. That’s over. Progress is cyclical and sustainability is only found in balance.

Don’t question yourself to a degree that you don’t function properly anymore. Stay self-beneficial or grow beyond thinking altogether.

The 21st century is the century of the holistic thinker, of the empathic thinker, of the big-picture-thinker, of the win-win-thinker, of the sustainable-balance-thinker. There is no tolerance in ressources anymore to allow for extreme measures one way or the other.

The same is true for your own beliefs about the world. The extreme ones have to go. What I call “negative extreme” Stephen Covey calls lose-win. What I call “positive extreme” Stephen Covey calls win-lose. What I call “sustainable balance” Stephen Covey calls win-win and Nassim Taleb calls “Antifragility”. What Taleb calls “fragility”, Covey calls lose-lose. I haven’t invented those ideas. I just remix them to put a different light onto them.

If your thoughts and beliefs about the world are win-lose, lose-win or lose-lose, you’re in trouble.

Challenge those beliefs forward, until they turn win-win. Create upwards spirals of routines and habits, that help you to move forward. The further we move into this century, the less tolerance there will be for extremes in thinking.

That’s why I called this body of thought “progretarian”.

Constant progress is at the core of it.

Are you an atheist? Are you deeply religious and/or spiritual? Well, both of these are extremes and each extreme serves its purpose. But no extreme is here to stay. The truth is in between. Extremes are relative, not absolute. They are dual in nature and don’t make sense on its own.
Atheism serves the purpose of rationality and empirical logic, religion serves the purpose of morally binding groups together in hostile environments, so that likeliness of survival increases. Both are valid options in certain environments. But as the world gets more and more global, there is only one environment left. And this calls for a third way. This calls for a new breed of thinkers in the middle, able to juggle both opposing ideologies and take the beneficial things without judging.

Challenge yourself forward.

[Quick thought] Challenge forward

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