The Comfort of the Day After Tomorrow

Do you look forward to a reality displayed in that video or are you scared by it?

  • The response doesn’t matter. There is no choice and reactions are shaped by circumstances anyway.
  • Challenges of approval and technological obstacles discussed in the news are illusionary.
  • They only aim to prime future consumers.
  • First world response: I need to check GoDaddy for some future lucrative venture ideas:, Cheaters’ EyeInTheSky, Walgreen’s’ Helping Bee, Flying Dutchman Burgers.
  • What does this have in common with Google Glass, 3d printing, Uber cars and IKEA’s recent interest of opening future stores next to H&M?
  • The technological aunts and uncles of those drones are among us already. They are called ATMs, self checkout counters and smartphones.
  • Ask your grandfather about lift operators.
  • Average is dieing. It’s a race to the bottom and a race to the top.
  • The bottom has an end to it. You can’t become cheaper than free.
  • But you can erase all those resources demanding insurance, holidays and living standards.
  • This is not a conspiracy theory. I welcome progress and I welcome change. The same drone can deliver pizzas or medication.
  • Change is a good thing, because it’s the only constant. Anyone not embracing change, will struggle.
  • The future is about multi-disciplinary expertise.
  • Being above average in one discipline got you through the 20th century, it won’t get you through the next.
  • The more repetitive your professional occupation right now, the more in trouble you are.
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, because of a) mindset/belief and b) cumulative leverage. Things add up and then accelerate up or down. Snowball effect.
  • Technologies with social disruptions attached only make it tough for the average of tomorrow.
  • Once they moved either up or down into wealth or poverty, all benefit equally from the comfort of the day after tomorrow.
  • Understand the most important concept of life in the 21st century: Resilience.
  • Nassim Taleb calls Resilience “Antifragility”.
  • Become a system of body/mind synergy that benefits from stressors.
  • Don’t be a lift operator.
  • Exercise, jog and workout regularly, so that you are a fit and healthy body.
  • Read, meditate and socialize regularly, so that you are a fit and healthy mind.
  • Combine those single strengths into cumulative leverage and contribute to the world.
  • Understand that life is defined by the presence of other people.
  • Without contrast of other people’s lives your own single life is boring and flat.
  • Human beings don’t function well without other human beings.
  • Private victory before public victory.
  • Legacy over currency.
  • Make yourself strong, in order to make others strong.
  • 1st half of life = ME-focus, 2nd half of life = YOU-focus
  • Consumption and me, me, me only go so far.
  • At one point real joy only follows through giving without caring whether your gift is appreciated.
  • As long as we haven’t proof of extra-terrestrial life, it’s just as likely that we are alone. It’s 50/50.
  • Either argument for or against E.T. is just bending isolated evidence to support a desired outcome.
  • We’re still stuck on planet Earth for a while.
  • The ultima ratio of raising your kids well (=helping them to survive on their own) is helping the whole planet to survive.
  • No contribution, no worth.


To be continued…

The Comfort of the Day After Tomorrow

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