[Quick thought] Understanding female sexuality: The Wall


Understanding female sexuality: The Wall

—- Watch the trailer in the above link. —-


“Take it off.”




The above video is a beautiful example of the behaviour pattern in a woman’s life described as “The Wall”. It’s a time span around the late 20s to sometimes early 40s, usually late 30s, where a woman slowly, but surely realizes that her fertility is limited and decreasing alongside her physical beauty as the main asset of attraction. As a result of this women as portrayed above amp up their efforts of locking down a life long provider by being more overt, aggressive and desperate in their sexual expression. It’s the most common trap for beta males, who never really have had a chance with women, let alone correctly read their social/emotional cues. They happily get those older women pregnant and sign a contract of life long resources extraction.

Johnny in the above video overcame that “call of the sirens” pretty well, by adhering to the progretarian’s core principle of: long term > short term, legacy > currency, stable sustained late success VS instant gratification. Also termed by Stephen R. Covey as “begin with the end in mind.”

More detailed explanations of The Wall from The Rational Male and from Chateau Heartiste.


(Note: This post originally appeared on my now closed Tumblr blog, which was intentioned to be the place for my shorter thoughts and ideas. After reading Gary Vaynerchuck’s new book “Jab, jab, jab, right hook” I’ve come to the conclusion that I wasn’t speaking the right slang for Tumblr and therefore re-imported those posts here as I still find them valuable as food for thought. I hope you enjoy those, too.)

[Quick thought] Understanding female sexuality: The Wall

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