[Quick thought] Examples of non-progretarians #1

Examples of non-progretarians #1

Grant Cardone

The progretarian idea boils down to 2 core principles:

1. Become strong in as many fields of life possible
2. Help others to become strong in as many fields of life possible

Grant Cardone as a person has clearly shown to have become strong in many fields of life. Making money and being a marketer are the most obvious ones that bring along a bunch of other skills such as mental discipline and decisiveness.

When you have children, the necessary core principle to have them thrive and not only survive, is: be the best parent you can be. Simple.

If you read up on the topic, you’ll quickly find out, that the core skill of a great parent is displaying unconditional love and giving the child authentic attention. This provides a stable foundation to the development of deeply rooted self-esteem and trust in oneself and the world.

In the above video Grant taught his daughter that his love is conditioned to a specific behaviour.

“You want my attention, respect, love, money? Jump the hoop I point at!”

This is an obvious violation of the 2 progretarian core principles. Not only didn’t he make himself strong first in terms of parenting to benefit from it in the long-term, but he also actively weakened his daughter by teaching a narrowed idea and allowing the daughter to draw a whole bunch of more general conclusions about the world from his example.

You always have to have the bigger picture in mind. Shortsightedness will kick you in the butt.

“If you want something, you have to do something to earn the means to get something” is true in the professional world. It’s not true in the psychological world of child development where the submessage is: “Your creator and protector only likes you, if you act a desired/expected way.”

This disrupts the formation of trust and creates a doubting mechanism regarding her own worth, which might or might not result in further consequences.

If all parents only showed conditional love to their children on a broad scale (“Do what I tell you and I like you”, “Get good grades, be a good boy and I like you”), we would end up with a society of drug addicts, that tried to numb the feelings of unworthiness created in childhood by immature zombie-parents.

Oh, wait a second…

(Note: This post originally appeared on my now closed Tumblr blog, which was intentioned to be the place for my shorter thoughts and ideas. After reading Gary Vaynerchuck’s new book “Jab, jab, jab, right hook” I’ve come to the conclusion that I wasn’t speaking the right slang for Tumblr and therefore re-imported those posts here as I still find them valuable as food for thought. I hope you enjoy those, too.)

[Quick thought] Examples of non-progretarians #1

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