Dancing On Soap

The argumentative technique a progretarian artist adheres to is called “Dancing On Soap”. It’s the mindset I follow when writing blog posts and talking to people or groups. I don’t try to convince anyone. I’m not coming from a “You are wrong and I know better!” mindset. Every person is right in his own way of seeing the world and there is no ultimate truth in life. By expressing my thoughts and immersing myself in the other person’s thoughts, all I do is create potential for interdependent growth.

I understand that every insult, every defamation, every ad hominem argument, every neglect only can reach a person, if that person is grounded in the same paradigm as the sender is. It’s a paradigm of concrete floors, of rigid thinking, of obedience, of compliance, of black and white, of the assembly line worker. Someone who is able to move on slippery grounds can’t be reached from concrete floors. Let alone someone who not only walks on soap, but is able to express himself so creatively on soapy grounds that his expression reflects a dance with life.

To be clear: this is not a narrow minded view or closing out other people’s opinions. This is not a defense technique, this is not about “I don’t care, I’m better than you, so I don’t allow your bullshit to get at me.” It’s the opposite. In fact, the foundation of this argumentative concept is:

  • “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” as coined by Stephen R. Covey
  • “It’s a wonderful world” as coined by Louis Armstrong
  • “And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other” as coined in Luke 6:29.
  • I value every person’s opinion and learn/grow richer from it. My neuro-plasticity is maintained on a high enough level through diet, exercise, adverse literature and challenge, that I’m willing to undergo cognitive dissonance in order to learn a contrarian viewpoint. I benefit from argument and discussion and debate. Always. I invite my debating partner to repeat his viewpoint again and more profoundly, so that I can grasp it fully and walk in his shoes. I grow stronger and more antifragile from it. These concepts I propose are not intertwined with my identity, they are not my brand. I won’t get ‘angry’ if someone copies anything and rebrands it. I’m in it for the long-run.

    I don’t take things personal and thereby kill all value that might be created from exchanging ideas. Otherwise I would have to take any slipping on soap personal. Navigating a complex, ever-changing world is not possible, when everything is about you. Accepting adversity is part of the deal. I’m fully willing to realize that my understanding of things is wrong. I can’t lose. I grow richer either way. Insults, ad hominem arguments and all its sisters do not add value though. They merely signal to you that its sender is still standing on concrete. They are a defense technique to maintain the status quo of understanding the world, so that the sender doesn’t have to face the energy expenditure of cognitive dissonance and leave stable ground. Which might be a valid strategy if I’m wrong, but the self-harm in people based in concrete or even sticky paradigms, emerges in the element of “not being open to other ideas”. The world is not constant and to make it so is harmful.
    And as life offered me the luxury of growing at my own speed, it’s just natural to accept anyone else has the same right. My message is not hostile, but it’s not status quo either. Once you accept an ever changing world and start to enjoy walking on soap, it will start to make sense and we can enjoy dancing. We are living in transitional times culturally and economically. The grounds become more slippery each year. For everyone. Concrete floors and even safer glue floors of college, marriage, religion’s promise of life after death, single-track career paths are disappearing. Being a slow moving zombie won’t be rewarded, nor incentivized any much longer. The future will take place on soapy grounds. It’s not something to worry about. Humans are fully capable and prepared for it. A change of environments involves a change of paradigms.

    The goal of my work is to leave behind an antifragile legacy that puts the mankind-planet-interaction with all its facets from civilization to capitalism to climate change back into a sustainable balance. The next known planet circling a sun is 4 light years away. Mars terra-forming is centuries, if not millenniums, away and then there’s still a gravity dilemma to be solved, that people born on Mars won’t grow strong enough muscles and dense enough bones to walk on Earth. In other words, we’re “stuck” here for a while.
    Accepting the hierarchircal nature of human tribes means to realize any man as part of his growth has to attempt to lead a tribe, build a dynasty and an empire. This would have been a valid goal 1500 years ago, but the asymmetry created by exponential industrialization erases that option. The ultima ratio of building a dynasty is course-correcting mankind’s path and this planet into a direction where we can thrive for many further centuries until the second age of interplanetary Columbus’ exploring begins. Building a strong tribe by exploiting other tribes is over. And the US and China will be examples for the last tribes of such sort. Mankind is one tribe. There is no other way.

    Thus it’s a waste of time to dismiss a person not understanding the progretarian ideas because of his development as an idiot. This could only be done within the same stagnant paradigm the insults are coming from. Instead i’m proactively forgiving and understand the potential of growth in anyone. Including me! Which means, I’m fully aware I might be the wrong one and the one insulting me, as a proxy for what I stand, is right. But I’m open to this, because I can only benefit from its consequences. I already walk on slippery grounds. I’m not scared by unstability, by organic structures, by uncertainty and the unkown.

    Dancing on soap is expressing yourself freely, with grace, in a complex, volatile and multi-layered world. Dancing on soap is the process of becoming resilient, antifragile.

    And anyone not entering the soapy dancefloor, standing on the concrete sidelines is cut off from that free expression, while maintaing an illusion of safety, that will have deep impacts, once it implodes.

    It’s just evolution.

    Dancing On Soap

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